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We want to gather and make english translations of current information on Anti-fascist organising in Neukölln, Berlin.

This site does not produce new content. It is a resource for English language speakers to access information produced by the many groups already active in Neukölln. We have noticed a lack of knowledge among English speaking persons around right-wing and organised racist groups in the district, and those organising to stop them. We would like to help in disseminating this information.

We are not professional translators, but English speakers and Anti-fascists living in Neukölln. We do not have the capacity to translate all content produced by the many Anti-racist and Anti-fascist activists, which have long been working in the area. We aim to provide an introduction and links to these groups.



email: en_antifainfo_nk (at) riseup (dot) net


If your content has been translated and you are not satisfied please contact us.

If would like us to translate your content, please send a mail, we will do our best.

If you want to join the effort, you can send links or English translations of content you think fits. Send us feedback!


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